Year 1 Reflections (first blog post)

Well, I am behind.

I have to tell you, starting a new business in a pre-existing business is hard! You think you will be able to do all these cool social media things to build buzz, post new blog entries like clock-work, and just be awesome all the time. Next thing you know, you look up a year later, covered in sheet rock dust, tearing out walls, hanging lights, and wondering where the year went!

All things considered, our first year as Palmer Music Co has been absolutely wonderful. We have learned more than we ever thought we would, had great some great successes in a few areas that we entered with trepidation, and are more fired up than ever to help cultivate the Conway, AR music scene. Our lesson program is THRIVING. At over 275 students happily enrolled in private lessons, I can safely say we have the best instructors around. They have a love for music and a love for teaching. What more could you want? Our repair shop is doing more high end repairs than ever before. Our luthier, Brandon Toney continues to shock me with the magic he does back there. If you haven't met him, or gotten a shop tour, come by and say hi. You will be amazed. From re-strings to re-finishes and everything in between...that dude can handle it. Make sure and ask him about the warranty work we do for Taylor, Fender and Gibson.  

Finally...RETAIL *scary music plays in the background*...We have been drinking from the retail 101 fire-hose all year long, and enjoying every minute of it! Our goal has always been and will continue to be to provide the music equipment that our community needs at prices that our community can afford. Instead of eating the whole retail elephant in one bite, we have chosen to take small, strategic bites as we are able. That means-every time you come in, you should see some new, cool stuff that wasn't here last time you came in! If you are ever bored and need something to do, try to open a retail store and renovate it at the same time. Your boredom will be cured!!! I want to thank all our awesome customers for tolerating the mess around here. The space is starting to take shape and we cant wait to show it off to you!

So, that's it. My first blog post. If you have read this far-great job! I will always have typos, my grammar will probably be bad, but I will always enjoy communicating with you all! Check back often, my next post will probably be a little shorter and a little more holiday-themed. Until then, be good to each other and come say hello when you can!