you can

music lessons will make your dreams of playing become a reality

i have zero musical experience

Sound familiar? This is something we hear every day.
Over the last 10 years, we’ve helped 1000s of people with zero experience feel the joy of doing something they never thought they could do.
That’s how we know that anyone can be taught how to play. Yes…even you.

It’s time to stop wondering.

It's time to find out
how awesome you are


1) Register for Lessons

For your first music lesson, we want you to play before you pay.

Borrow an instrument. Meet your instructor. See what you think. Completely risk-free.


The hardest part of growing as a musician is tracking your progress.

Our Musician Maker Roadmap helps you track your progress and accomplish things you never thought possible.

3) Impress Your Friends

Even if it’s playing for your dog on the back porch, you’ll be excited to show off your skills.

Who knows…you may even want to sing a little 🙂

from “how do I do that ?”

To "what can I play next?"

From Robert (piano)

Even as a late starter, I can now play and read well enough to play the music.

Taking music lessons at Palmer Music Company has taught me to read and play piano sufficiently to have live music in my home.

I love Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata Movement #1, and Schubert’s Symphony #8.

From Kim (drums)

Music Lessons at Palmer Music Company have been phenomenal! I wanted to play the drums but had absolutely no experience and no knowledge of music.

My instructor was able to recognize my learning style and teach me how to play the basics in less than 4 weeks.

If you are a late bloomer to music as I am and would like to start your journey, I recommend starting at Palmers Music.

Imagine how
it will feel to…

palmer music instruments

You are going to love it

It’s scary to try something new, and even though you’ve always wanted to do it, learning to play an instrument probably seems impossible.
Our teachers are 100% obsessed with one thing:
Making your dreams of playing become a reality.
Whether you’re brand new or have been playing for years, we’re committed to helping you be even more awesome.
In just a matter of weeks, you’ll go from “how do I play…?” to “holy cow…what can I play next?!”
And THAT’S what fires us up.



Private Lessons are 30 minutes. Once a week. During a scheduled time slot.

We also have live performance opportunities around Central Arkansas for our students!

We know that taking lessons is a big step, so for this first one, we want you to play before you pay.
Your first lesson is always FREE.
This gives you (and your child) a chance to meet your teacher and make sure it’s a good fit.
You can even borrow an instrument for the day. 
We’re all about straight forward pricing.
  • Private Lessons are $130 / Month.
  • Additional Family Members are discounted at $110 / Month
  • There is a one-time registration fee of $25 for each new student.

if you can play it
we can teach it

Here’s a sample of what you can learn

If you never start, you’ll never know

You can keep doing what you’re doing now.
OR you can find out how easy it is to play.
You’ll have a lot of laughs.
You’ll learn an incredible new skill.
You’ll find out what you’re really capable of.

So why wait?
Get your free music lesson today. 

register today

discover that
"you can"


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