rocked out just a little too hard last night? Palmer music company can repair your guitar.

Palmer Music Company is a licensed Guitar repair center for Taylor, Fender, and Gibson Guitars. Our in-house techs are happy to look at any broken instrument you have, from band instruments to amplifiers. Contact our Conway shop for more information.




General Maintenance

Set Up—40/75
Bone Nut—50
Bone Saddle—50
Fret Level—100

Structural Repair

Crack Repair—20 per inch
Finish Drop Fill—20
Headstock Repair—125-200
Brace Repair—25-50

Electronic Repair

Replace Pickup—25/35
Replace Jack/Pot—25/35
Replace Switch—35
Internal Pickup Install—60

All labor charges will include a 10% materials fee.
Our rate is $55 per hour for service labor. The shop minimum is $15.
All repairs that are checked in to the shop are subject to a late fee if left two weeks past completion.